I love wool. I love to dye it, I love to spin it, I love to knit it and I love to wear it.

I started out dyeing yarn that I found in thrift stores or that was given to me by some benevolent de-stasher. Using food dyes to start with I began to experiment until I was confident enough to start using a few proper acid dyes and bought my first 10 skeins of merino/nylon sock yarn. I was amazed when I actually managed to sell some of them and ordered a little more… I guess the rest is history now. Needless to say, this little business is one that really has started from scratch.

I still run on cashflow which means I dye small, unique, bespoke batches of yarn as and when I can afford to, and I focus on what I am best at, which is mostly tonals and semi-solids on minimally processed Non-Superwash New Zealand grown wool, many of them breed specific and unique in their own right.


Woollen Spun Polwarth

This beautiful, slightly rustic yarn is the perfect choice for light outerwear, its very lofty and quite soft, with just a touch of that grabby, sticky feel you really want for colour work sweaters and stunning mittens. It is smooth enough to wear next to skin and should last for decades. This yarn is minimally processed and woollen spun – which makes it light and airy with a very soft fuzzy halo. Hand wash only as this is not superwash treated.

24 Micron Polwarth Wool

Tenison – 28 stitches x 36 rows per 10cm/4inches

Needle – 2.75 – 3.25mm

400m / 437y per 100g

Hand wash only

Merino DK

A super squishy and light DK base, it is divinely soft and comes in 100g skeins.

21 Micron Merino

227m per 100g

Tension – 22st x 30 rows per 10cm/4inch

Needle: 4 – 5mm

Hand Wash Only

Corriedale 8ply DK Super-Soft 200g

Beautiful Corriedale wool bred in Fielding, New Zealand specifically for the softest next-to-skin wool. This base is hardy but very soft and suitable for babywear and all manner of applications. It is lovely and plump with excellent bulk and can be used in DK to Aran weight patterns.

377metres / 413 yards per 200g

Tension – 22st x 30 rows per 10cm/4inch

Needle: 4 – 6 mm

Hand Wash Only

Corriedale 4ply Fingering 200g

Just like its DK sisters, this base is divinely soft and just a little bit rustic. It’s the perfect yarn for everyday cardigans and shawls and all manner of other wonderful things! It is non-superwash, minimally processed and great for colourwork and lace too. Best of all, the big 200g skeins mean less joins!

100% Corriedale Wool

833metres/912yards per 200g

Tension – 28st x 36 rows per 10cm/4inch

Needle – 2.5 – 3.5mm

Hand Wash Only

A Little Bit Fancy Merino/Silk/Nylon

Very soft and with a slight sheen from that little bit of mulberry silk, this is the perfect base for the most comfortable socks and gloves ever! It’s also a great garment yarn as again that silk just adds a wee bit of drape and shine that makes it just a little bit fancy!

80% Merino wool / 10% Mulberry Silk / 10% Nylon

400 metres /437 yards per 100g

Tension 28 st x 36 rows per 10 cm/4 inches

Needle – 2.25 – 3.5mm

Hand Wash Only

Merino Single

Beautifully delicate and soft, this lovely Merino wool is spun as a single, not plied at all. It is just gorgeous knit up, perfect for special items like shawls or baby blankets. It is not super wash treated and needs to be gently hand washed.

400 metres / 437 yards per 100g

Tension – 28 st x 36 rows per 10cm/4 inch

Needle – 2.75 – 3.25mm

Hand Wash Only

Smooshy Sock – Merino/Nylon

When you really want to dig your toes into something soft and smoosh, warm and cosy, this is what you need. A lovely lofty Merino/Nylon superwash base perfect for cosy and resilient socks. This base will cope with trips through the washing machine and dryer – but for best results and long lasting colour hand washing is still best.

80% Merino Wool /20% Nylon

400metres /437 yards per 100g

Tension – 28 st x 36 rows per 10 cm/ 4 inches

Needle – 2.25 – 3mm

Machine washable

Simple Sock Merino/Nylon

A slightly smoother but just as resilient and hardy sock yarn which takes colour with unparalleled vibrancy and fun! Your perfect everyday sock yarn.. also great for hats and shawls.

80% Merino Wool / 20% Nylon

357 metres / 390 yards per 100g

Tension – 28 st. / 36 rows per 10 cm/ 4 inches

Needle – 2.25 – 3mm

Machine washable

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