Makers Gonna Make..

It’s been a wee while since checking in here.

I feel like I’ve been so busy, but at the same time not really knowing with what. There have been kids home with the flu, multiple birthday functions and my daughter’s first school ball to get excited about.. I’ve vended at a craft market, listed some yarn on Etsy, and sent a bunch more off to travel the country with Wool on Wheels!

Ok, so maybe thats a few things to contend with but here’s a couple of things I’ve been working on in the midst of all that..

If you read my first post you may have wondered what has happened with my plans to make the Slade Cardigan for my husband. It did not get cast on during our holiday due in large part to the all encompassing influence of Ken Follett’s World Without End which I started in on during the first evening. It did come to an end.. but only after three days of reading during which time no knitting got done. Loved the book though and it was perfect for a quiet winter holiday with lots of rain.

Parapara Rainbow – Golden Bay, New Zealand

Slade got cast on during quieter moments of the Pretty Crafty market on the 21st of July… it was quickly apparent that learning to do a tubular cast on was not really what you want to be doing in public while serving customers so when I got home I got into it. The instructions on the pattern for the cast on seemed very complicated so I followed a Very Pink Knits tutorial on you-tube and used her method instead. Swoon.. I cant stop looking at those edges, they’re beautiful!

Polwarth/Possum DK yarn creating the most beautiful halo.

So I’m currently halfway up the first sleeve, having done the back and two fronts. Just sleeves and collar to go! Despite my trepidation at doing this knit flat and all the purling and seaming that that would entail, I find I am enjoying the challenge so far and learning a few new skills as well! I’m getting faster at the purl side and am excited to get it completed eventually – hopefully before spring kicks in properly and it becomes too warm to wear it!

Also.. I sewed something!

I bought this fabric aaaaages ago intending it for some Persephone Pants.. but that never quite happened. Happily though there was enough sitting there ready for me when the Meridian Dress by Papercut Patterns came onto my radar. It worked perfectly in the linen and is a great weight for these transitional seasons. The most challenging part for me of any sewing project is cutting it out, and this also usually involves the most procrastination. This one lay on the craft room floor for nearly a week, all weighted and ready but uncut. I know I’m mad! Finally getting it cut out and finding it a joy to sew has helped me find my creative mojo again. I always find the ‘sew-jo’ wanes in the wintertime, but starts to rise again in the spring and needs something to kick it off.

I’m terrible at selfies! The dress has a beautiful crossover front and ties at the back
A wonky rustic bow..

Anyway, it had its first outing to church on Sunday and loved it.. it will be getting much more wear!

Thanks for reading this long post! I’m going to try and get more regular so it wont need to be so lengthy!


Bear with… bear with…

Oh gosh, I’ve spent so much time today on this computer trying to get my website looking like a website! I’m afraid I’m not the most tech-savvy person out there and it’s definitely been a challenge!

I want to have a page where I can talk about all my yarn bases and have photos, and also some way of shopping for them. I made a start but then I couldn’t get photos to load from my photo library.. and then the whole thing I wrote disappeared.

Next I edited my homepage.. and it also disappeared! Thankfully the nice people at wordpress helped me out and recovered it, but needless to say I am finding this particular learning curve rather steep and difficult to navigate. Bear with.. I’ll get there eventually!

(Obviously I don’t own this clip – but Giphy says sharing is good and ok so I’m going with that!) Love those IT guys!


School Holidays Begin…

Today is the first day of the winter school holidays here in New Zealand. I can literally feel the change of atomosphere in my home. It’s a good 20mins since we finished dinner, and my two teenagers are still sitting at the table laughing and making up crazy ideas and enjoying each other’s company. They always do… but there’s the freedom to enjoy the evening without the pressure of knowing there are pressing homework issues to deal with, or deadlines to meet.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We’re heading over to beautiful Golden Bay during the week for a glorious relax. I love it when I can spend time with my family without media being such a ubiquitous presence. The home we stay in over there has no internet and it is bliss! We all read books, eat comforting food, walk on the beach and in the bush, take naps, sit by the fire and I knit. Last year I spent the week making my daughter a jumper – she’s wearing it today incidentally – I couldn’t believe I made a whole jumper in a week!

This year I’m going to be casting on Slade, By Michelle Wang.

https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/slade. It’s a shawl collared mens cardigan that is going to be for my husband.. the last of my immediate family to have a sweater knitted for him. I’m using a fabulous Polwarth/Possum DK blend from Wild Earth Yarns in Christchurch. My yarn hasn’t arrived yet but I’m expecting it first thing Monday when I will wash and hang it up to dry.. its direct from the mill in an unbulked state so it will need a soak to get to the right gauge.

I’m a little terrified of the required seaming – and its also the first garment I’ve ever knit flat rather than in the round.. I hope its finished before winter is! Happy Holidays!