Bear with… bear with…

Oh gosh, I’ve spent so much time today on this computer trying to get my website looking like a website! I’m afraid I’m not the most tech-savvy person out there and it’s definitely been a challenge!

I want to have a page where I can talk about all my yarn bases and have photos, and also some way of shopping for them. I made a start but then I couldn’t get photos to load from my photo library.. and then the whole thing I wrote disappeared.

Next I edited my homepage.. and it also disappeared! Thankfully the nice people at wordpress helped me out and recovered it, but needless to say I am finding this particular learning curve rather steep and difficult to navigate. Bear with.. I’ll get there eventually!

(Obviously I don’t own this clip – but Giphy says sharing is good and ok so I’m going with that!) Love those IT guys!

Published by twobarehands

Hi, I’m Adele the Maker at Two Bare Hands. I dye beautiful New Zealand yarn and love to try my hands at all kinds of creative pursuits with varying degrees of success!

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